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Hailes Residence - Camden, SC

The design of this landscape incorporated both manicured and natural areas. Hardscape features included brick landscape borders, brick and stone walkways and large stone highlights near the pool. A cascading rock waterfall fountain rounded out this elegant southern landscape.

Hailes Residence – Camden, SC 1 Hailes Residence – Camden, SC 10 Hailes Residence – Camden, SC 11 Hailes Residence – Camden, SC 12 Hailes Residence – Camden, SC 2 Hailes Residence – Camden, SC 3 Hailes Residence – Camden, SC 4 Hailes Residence – Camden, SC 5 Hailes Residence – Camden, SC 6 Hailes Residence – Camden, SC 7 Hailes Residence – Camden, SC 8 Hailes Residence – Camden, SC 9

Peterson Residence - Allendale, SC

Rock harscape designs border and highlight this modern landscape with stone retaining walls, stone border fence and walkways. Outdoor livings spaces include shaded sitting areas and a poolside grilling area with a bar.

Peterson Residence – Allendale, SC 1 Peterson Residence – Allendale, SC 10 Peterson Residence – Allendale, SC 11 Peterson Residence – Allendale, SC 2 Peterson Residence – Allendale, SC 3 Peterson Residence – Allendale, SC 4 Peterson Residence – Allendale, SC 5 Peterson Residence – Allendale, SC 6 Peterson Residence – Allendale, SC 7 Peterson Residence – Allendale, SC 9

Swinson Residence - Blythewood, SC

Southern country charm is exuded by the bordered garden areas incorporating lawn areas, flowering plants and a stone fountain wall. The large stone patio extends right to the pool and includes a patio fireplace.

Swinson Residence – Blythewood, SC 1 Swinson Residence – Blythewood, SC 2 Swinson Residence – Blythewood, SC 3 Swinson Residence – Blythewood, SC 4 Swinson Residence – Blythewood, SC 5 Swinson Residence – Blythewood, SC 6 Swinson Residence – Blythewood, SC 7 Swinson Residence – Blythewood, SC 8 Swinson Residence – Blythewood, SC 9

Wavering Place Plantation - Lower Richland, SC

The grounds of Wavering Place exude the same sense of history as the stately main house. Landscape features here complemented the sense of old world South Carolina with crushed rock walkway, brick paths and a large fountain. Plant choices and locations highlight the grounds and buildings and also create those quite hideaways so prevalent in the historic South.

Wavering Place 1 Wavering Place 2 Wavering Place 3 Wavering Place 4 Wavering Place 5 Wavering Place 6