Our Philosophy

Fountain At Sassafras Landscapes we design and build landscapes based on our guiding principles:
Creatively Designed. Thoughtfully Crafted. Uniquely Southern.

We bring together the ageless beauty of southern horticulture to complement the local environment and create outdoor spaces that are inviting and pleasing.

Our founder, Howard Wallace combines a passion for the beauty of South Carolina and experience with the latest technological developments to build landscapes that are beautiful and sustainable.

Design features include a wide selection of shrubs, trees and grasses in flowering and non-flowering varieties. Hardscape features such as walkways, patios, retaining walls and borders take advantage of many materials including brick, paving stones, natural stone and more. Water features and accent points can be set off with tasteful lighting to highlight special areas. Irrigation systems utilize the latest in automation to provide just the right amount of water to each section of your landscape.

Sassafras will work with your needs and desires to design and build a landscape that is uniquely Southern and uniquely yours.